It's Red Hot... Temperatures and redfish are pouring on the heat.  
As more schools of redfish show up each week, the opportunity to have an epic day is possible. The schools of fish are prowling the flats looking for food.  Best bet is to be out early either casting topwater plugs or soft plastics.  Keep in mind that the water temperatures are still upper 80's to low 90's in most cases so having some cut ladyfish or mullet is always a good option this time of year.

Of course if you are a fan of the whitebait (pilchards) now is a great time to load up on the beach or the flats near deeper water.  

The schools of redfish can be located and then chummed with the live whitebait.  Chumming with the whitebait will allow you to be a fair distance from the fish as they will seek out where the bait is coming from.

Patience is key with fishing large schools. One wrong move and the entire school can disappear.  Once the fish start eating the chummed bait, keep chumming until you start to see multiple boils together well within casting range.  Even while fishing keep throwing a few free ones to keep them Happy, Happy, Happy

Capt. Jay Withers
Pro Staff for Pathfinder Boats and Yamaha Outboards
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