Fishing Report from Pathfinder & Yamaha Pro Staffer Capt. Jay Withers

Now that fall seems to be in full swing and the cold fronts become more frequent, its time to really catch some fish.  Fall is a strong transitional time of year for our area and the cold fronts should be looked at as a positive.  Each time we encounter a cold front or change in weather pattern, our fish take notice and react to that change.  Most of the time the change is a move in location.  During that move in location you can play the point of interception.  Many times protruding points off of a main shoreline or mouths of tidal creeks are great area’s to focus your efforts. Our inshore species like Snook, Redfish and even Trout tend to gravitate to those areas because typically those creeks tend to be slightly deeper and if a major cold front does approach they can quickly get to deep water.  On several occasions a simple top water plug is certainly all you will need to find some action. If you have the option, choose an outgoing tide to target snook and redfish near those tidal creeks.

  Near the beaches you will find a variety of species from Kingfish, Sharks, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel and of course the Bonita.  As water-cools these species tend to come closer inland and opens up several opportunities. This is the time of year I like to troll large diving plugs near the beach out to about 5 miles.  Many times when you can find the hard bottom you will also find the grouper.  Don’t be surprised to find some of those 27-30” class Gag Grouper in the mix along with the occasional Kingfish.  When your out off the beach and happen to see birds diving on baitfish, be sure to cruise over to inspect the activity.  Sometimes throwing large 3/4oz Silver Spoons or large Sebile Stick Shadds can generate some impressive strikes.  Most of which will be Kingfish, Bonita or even Blacktip sharks.

Capt. Jay Withers
Pathfinder & Yamaha Pro Staffer
Silver Lining Charters
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