From Skeeter Pro Staffer Capt. Danny Latham

This week has been great. Right up until today, bummer! The cold weather we are experiencing is going to be a little bit of a game changer, hopefully for the better.

There have been a ton of trout around but not a lot of really big fish. Getting a limit has been pretty easy you just have to wade through a bunch of little guys. The redfish fishing has been a little tough but definitely improving. I caught a lot of nice fish this week and saw a lot more fish than last week. The warm weather we have had (had being the key word) really got the snook chewing. I was having some great days.

If you want to see more pics and get a fishing forecast for what the rest of the month holds check out Capt. Danny’s fishing forecast at:

Catch Fish, No Excuses!

Capt. Danny Latham
Skeeter Pro Staffer
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