Ingman Marine's own Mike Brimer, a General Manager from our Sarasota location, was featured channel 10 News. The story highlights the growing economy in our area and the resulting growth in boat sales. Here are some snippets from the story:

"Boating is great for families because it creates memories," says Brimer.

Customers are getting younger too, says Brimer, to include 50 and older and some 40-year-olds. Sales during the recession sank to 150 per year. Last year, Brimer says, his sales surfaced to more than 450 boats sold. Another sign the economy is doing better, boat retailers are seeing more cash buyers -- about a 50/50 split. And those who finance are finding lower interest rates. Neil Wingard is one of those cash buyers and says he's buying now before prices peak. Neil says, "Gas prices have gone down everything is emerging from this darkness."

"It's time to relax and enjoy life," he says.

To read more and watch the video, here’s a link to the 10 News story:

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