In the last few months we’ve added some new upgrades to our website. To make sure that you can see these changes on your computer, please remember to refresh your browser. Here are a few ways to make sure your browser isn’t holding onto old information:

In most cases, you can simply hit the Refresh/Reload button at the top of your browser window. The other option that works well is to use your keyboard by pressing the “Ctrl” + “R” keys several times simultaneously for a Windows computer (or “command” + “R” for a Mac). If the formatting seems to still look incorrect, you can always follow the instructions from the link below (for computers and phones):

Here are some of our latest additions to the site:

New Top Menu

We’ve added a new top menu, which allows for you to get to the information that you want as quickly as possible. Within each drop down menu you can navigate to the main area from the top button or you can go to a specific part of that area by clicking on the links below the top button.

A ) Select the top button to go to everything available for that page. In this case, all of the "New Boats" that are available for sale.

B ) When you select one of the boat manufacturers, you'll go to the "New Boats" page sorted by the manufacturer you've selected.

C ) For New Boats on the home page, you can even choose these logos and go to the manufacturer's page. Each boat model is listed by their category.

New Boat Detail Page

We've simplified the way each individual boat detail page looks. Each page has more
 information with larger images and video to help you decide which boat is best for you.