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The Bimini Twist Knot

The Bimini Twist Knot

The Strength of the Bimini

The Bimini twist knot, or Bimini fishing knot, is a 100% knot meant to construct a durable, strong, shock absorbing piece of double line. Being 100% means that is does not lose any of its original strength if tied properly. The knot should not pose any difficulty when running through your guides and can be attached loop-to-loop to your double line leader with another knot, such as a swivel, Bristol or Yucatan.

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This knot is ideal for offshore fishing, especially when targeting big game. It can also be used to join two elements together such as backing to fly line or two different types of line. When used in this manner, it is possible to employ the bimini twist knot for free-lining, casting, or jigging.

Every angler has their preference and other knots can be used to accomplish this as well.


  1. Double your line to create a large loop. Place your hand inside the loop, rotating to make twenty twists. Place the rest of the loop over a knob or your knee or foot, while ensuring you maintain constant tension on both ends.
  2. Sustaining the tension, slowly spread the two strands of the tag end apart, forcing the twists down toward the loop. Place your finger inside the loop at its angle and let the tag end roll over the column of twists to the end.
  3. Keeping the tension, make a half hitch on the line of the loop closest to you, locking in the twists.
  4. Continue fastening the knot with three half hitches around both lines of the loop and pulling the tag end to tighten.
  5. Eliminate excess by cutting the tag end to about ¼ inch.

Although the bimini twist is one of the strongest, it is not the easiest knot to learn. Just keep practicing and you’ll nail it in no time!

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