Tackle Shop
Tackle Shop
Ted's Tackle is located at 1189 Tamiami Trail, in front of the always popular Ingman Marine. "Ted's" as it is known to most of us, has that warm welcome feeling. Ted's is more than a tackle shop. This place is a gathering spot, a classroom, a place to relax and just swap stories. You can get just about anything you want at Ted's, including the latest in high end spinning reels, rods, excellent lures, cool shirts, hats, rod & reel repairs, advice on just about anything and of course camaraderie. There are a few chairs at Ted's where friends gather and talk just like in the old days. On almost any given day you will find the locals in Ted's talking about fishing, sports, boats or whatever is on their mind.

The only thing missing at Ted's is the cappuccino bar (bring your own). There are many places you can get tackle and most sell the same items at just about the same price, but most of them are lacking in ambiance and have the cold and sterile feeling of corporate America and big business. Jeff Kincaid, the owner of Ted's, has just about anything you desire in his store and if he doesn't have it then it is just not what you need. Jeff isn't just a store owner wearing a fishing shirt. He is a lifelong experienced angler, with local knowledge and the pictures to prove his ability. He knows what works and what doesn't so if you want to catch fish and are not sure just how to do it, then Ted's is a great place to start. Walk in, look around and listen to the conversations. You might just learn a few things and while you're at it make some great friends too.
Tackle Shop
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