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Advantages Of An Upper Station

Advantages of an Upper Station

Anglers have been utilizing elevated stations, for decades, to get a leg up on their prey. Over the years, these stations have become more diverse and are now offered on several different boat types. They may be referred to as towers, crow’s nests, helm or console stations, or even buckets. Despite the name, having an upper station adds value to a boat and any boating excursion.

Increased Visibility

The number one advantage – the advantage that entices most boat buyers – of a boat with an elevated station, is increased visibility. Many new boat owners are pleasantly surprised at how much the heightened, panoramic view levels up their game. The added depth of situational awareness is inspiring. With a bird’s eye view, anglers can spot diving birds in the distance, witness breaking fish nearby, find weedlines and cast their eyes over the shallows for tailing fish and bait.

Not to mention, being up higher helps anglers breach the glare of the sun on the water.

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Sight Fishing

With the advantage of enhanced sight, comes the opportunity for anglers to try out (or improve upon) a new method: sight fishing. Sight fishing is an incredibly exciting means of shallow water fishing, allowing anglers to find their target fish and hunt it down, rather than letting it come to them. At this vantage point, anglers can often identify the species of the fish they are hunting, making it easier to select the perfect lures and bait.

Additional Storage & Controls

Some upper stations have helm controls and other technological devices, and some are just towers. Having a full station or just a tower is totally about preference; some boaters like having control while in the crow’s nest, especially if they are fishing alone.

Another popular feature accompanied with upper stations that boat owners love is the extra rod storage. This keeps rods up and out of the way, making the day more efficient and creating a little extra space on board.

Lookin’ & Feelin’ Good

Lastly, having a tower on your boat just, well, looks good. Upper stations enrich the aesthetics of one’s vessel, while also adding functional value. Fishing from an elevated perch on a beautiful bay boat – anyone would look simply regal. Some towers even include a cover, adding shade and ensuring boaters and passengers feel good too.

Boat Hull Types

Full Guide to Recreational Boating

You’ll quickly realize when doing your research on which boat to purchase, that many boats have emerged over time as hybrids between two existing boats. Choosing the right one will depend on your needs and interests, as well as the area you live in and other technical aspects.

Our Popular Boats

Take a look at some of our popular boat models. Our certified manufacturers make good quality boats of all shapes and sizes!

Quick Specs

Towers come in all different shapes and sizes. There are marlin towers, tuna towers, console towers, gap towers, and plenty of other unique options. Some towers can even fold to avoid bridges and for easy lifting and transportation.

If you already have a boat you love but are interested in an upper station, it is possible to have one added to your boat. Just talk to your manufacturer or boat dealership about the options. You can have them customize the tower to your liking.

Final Thoughts

Ingman offers custom welding, giving us the ability to add an upper station to your boat, or you can take a look at our inventory and find something brand new. The options for boats with towers are constantly expanding as manufacturers break new barriers in research and development. Contact us today and let us walk you through your choices.

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