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Pontoons | The Overlooked Fishing Boat

July 22, 2020
Ingman Marine
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July 22, 2020
Ingman Marine
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When buying a fishing boat, Pontoon Boats probably wouldn’t be the first choice for most seasoned anglers, many perceiving them as slow moving ‘party’ boats. But, did you know that Pontoon Boats can be excellent fishing vessels as well?

The Pontoons’ popularity has steadily grown amongst anglers in recent years. Many Pontoons can now be fitted with the latest fishing gear & equipment, quickly transforming this ‘party’ boat into an invaluable fishing machine. With their spacious decks, generous storage and amazing versatility, when properly equipped a Pontoon Boat can offer a fishing experience unlike other mainstream fishing boats.

What Makes up a Pontoon?

The Pontoon Boat draws its name from the fact that the boat consists of two or more airtight ‘pontoon tubes’, a type of floating device that adds buoyancy to seabound vessels. These tubes enable the boat to float effortlessly on water, allowing owners to modify their boat without the worry of extra gear weighing them down too much.

Pontoon boats are also known for their large deck plans and comfortable seating. Your typical Pontoon is able to hold more passengers than a motorboat or speedboat, with many seating up to ten people.

Pontoon boats also offer plenty of extra storage space. Most Pontoons have storage compartments located under each seat and decking area, meaning you can easily bring along additional fishing equipment, life jackets, food and water on your trip. This makes it perfect for serious fishermen or large families, alike.

Top Reasons Pontoons are great for Fishing

With the Pontoon Boat often stereotyped as a ‘party barge’, it is not likely that a fisherman, of any level, will likely choose it as a fishing boat. However, our goal is to show you just how wrong that logic is. The Pontoon Fishing Boat of today can be a worthwhile fishing investment when transformed into a mean fishing machine.

Pontoons offer Large & Stable Decks

No longer will your family and friends have to take turns deciding who’s going on the next fishing trip. The Pontoon boat’s large and spacious decking area means that everyone can comfortably fit on board, making the it the perfect vessel for a day trip with the family or fishing with your buddies.

On many traditional v-hull boats, it can be difficult to keep the boat steady. If one person moves, the whole boat rocks, scaring away your potential catch and resulting in a rather unsuccessful fishing trip. With a Pontoon Boat, this issue is a thing of the past. Pontoon Boats can fit six anglers or more, meaning you and your buddies can fish comfortably without getting in each other’s way. The Pontoon is built for stability, so when fishing you are guaranteed to have a steady platform when reeling in your catch.

Additionally, the Pontoon Boat is perfect for family fishing trips. With the boat’s spacious layout and generous storage space, your whole family can comfortably enjoy a day out at sea. The Pontoon Boat’s stability makes it ideal for fishing with young children.

However, if your kids are not keen anglers, set anchor and cast your line while the kids color on the built in aft or bow tables. Most pontoon models offer many other options; like using it as a base for snorkeling, easily cook lunch on deck or play board games with the family.

All the top Fishing Gear can be Added to any Model

Many anglers do not realize that Pontoon Boats can be used for much more than just gatherings and cruising at sea. Many manufacturers offer ready to go Pontoon Fishing Boat models, for example the Sylvan Mirage Fish 8522 4pt comes with 4 fishing chairs, built in live well and a rear fishing station, while having even better stability than your average flats boat.

Most manufacturers also have the option to kit out a Pontoon Boat with a wide variety of fishing equipment like a trolling motor, fishing chairs, extra rod holders and fish finders. This means you can create the Pontoon Fishing Boat of your dreams, with all the advantages of a regular fishing boat. What’s not to like?

More Storage is Standard

A common problem with typical fishing boats is there is not enough storage for your equipment. This becomes particularly obvious when planning a fishing trip with your buddies. After packing all your fishing gear, life jackets, coolers and anything else you might need, you are left with limited room. This can set you up for a very cramped fishing trip. Fishing on a spacious Pontoon Boat eliminates this problem.

The spacious decking area on a Pontoon Boat means that you can bring as many as seven other anglers along. You and your friends can pack all the equipment you want without having to worry if it’s going to fit on board. Knowing that you will still have plenty of room to fish comfortably without rocking the boat.

Similarly, when taking your family out boating there is plenty of room for extras. Most Pontoon Boats have a storage compartment under every seat, so you can easily fit in extra supplies like food, blankets and toys for the perfect family getaway.

Cheaper than other Fishing Boats

A fishing boat is an investment, and you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. When looking at the price of an average fishing boat compared to a Pontoon Boat, the latter has a remarkably lower price tag.

One factor that can bump up the cost in popular fishing boats is the size of their engines, which makes up a good chunk of the boat’s total price. For example, the hull in v-hull fishing boats creates extra resistance in the water, and as a result usually requires a bigger motor to ensure smooth sailing.

Pontoon boats rest on the water, so even though they’re often larger than the average fishing boat, their engine doesn’t need to be as powerful to get up and running quickly. This alone can save buyers a significant sum of money without having to compromise on power.

Another factor that makes Pontoon Boats more affordable is the insurance. Pontoon Boats are less expensive compared to popular fishing boats, making them cheaper to insure, with good insurance coverage costing as little as $30 a month. Even if you decide to outfit your Pontoon with a larger engine later down the line, it would still be cheaper to insure than most v-hull or bay boats. Pontoon Boats are also often easier to repair than fiberglass boats, further helping keep insurance costs down.

Perfect for Shallow Waters

Pontoon Boats are incredibly versatile. Not only have they been known to venture into deeper waters on calm days, but they also have the advantage of being able to sail in waters as shallow as 2 feet deep. Depending on the weight of your boat, this is much shallower than the average v-hull fishing boat. This also gives you the option of wade fishing.

Additionally, being able to sail into shallow waters can be great when on family outings. It is remarkably easy to get on and off a Pontoon Boat, so if you and your family are looking to chill out and spend some time on the beach during your trip, you can easily anchor in shallow waters by the nearest beach. No longer will you have to swim ridiculous distances from your boat to the beach (and back again!)

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The Sky's the Limit

A key selling point with Pontoon Fishing Boats is that you do not have to compromise. Too often boat owners must pick between their boat being solely used for fishing or adapting it to be more suitable for regular family trips, meaning less serious fishing time. With the Pontoon Boat, you have the best of both worlds. Even after outfitting the Pontoon with all your fishing equipment, this versatile boat can still be used for a host of other activities for your passengers, such as snorkeling, diving, various watersports like wakeboarding.

With Pontoon Boats, the sky really is the limit. Whether you are buying a ready to go Pontoon Fishing Boat or customizing your Pontoon with high end fishing equipment, it’s one of the most versatile boats on the market. As a result, Pontoon Boats are quickly gaining popularity as a top choice amongst boat owners, ranging from serious fishermen to families.

Ingman Marine is a Certified Pontoon Dealer

If the Pontoon Boat sounds like the perfect fishing boat for you, then you will be pleased to hear that Ingman Marine are certified dealers for luxury Pontoon Boat manufacturers Bennington and Sylvan. We also periodically receive used Pontoon Boats from various other manufacturers.

If you would like to customize your Pontoon Boat to fit your need, you can build each model on the manufacturer’s website and have it shipped directly to your nearest Ingman Marine dealership. Or better yet, let us do it for you! Contact one of our qualified salespeople to get you squared away.


Whether you want to shove-off with your fishing buddies or spend quality time with the family, the Pontoons’ versatility makes it a great boat for all occasions.

The Pontoon Fishing Boat gives you all the advantages of a regular fishing boat at a lower price, without having to compromise on comfort or power. Being able to customize your Pontoon with the latest fishing equipment, combined with the ability to crawl into shallow waters, means that the Pontoon is becoming a worthy rival to many traditional fishing boats.

Additionally, you have the bonus of spacious decking and generous storage, easily transforming your Pontoon into a fantastic space for socializing with family and friends. With all these fantastic features, it is no wonder the Pontoon is quickly rising in popularity among fisherman, especially with the family of avid-anglers.

If the Pontoon sounds like the boat for you, contact one of our qualified salespeople to help get you into your new dream fishing boat!

Happy Fishing

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