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Welcome Shoalwater Boats To Ingman Marine!

Welcome Shoalwater Boats to Ingman Marine!

Ingman Marine enjoys bringing on new trusted manufacturers. Over the last 38 years, Shoalwater has made a splash in the shallow water fishing boat game. We are proud to announce we recently introduced Shoalwater Boats to our dealership family. The catamaran specialists add a new variety of models to our already impressive lineup.

Shoalwater: The Skinny-water Catamaran Manufacturer

Shoalwater Boats specializes in tunnel catamarans. From 19 feet to 23 feet, they offer center console models made specifically for shallow waters. They do not just make boats; Shoalwater adds emphasis on fishing with large casting decks, plenty of rod holders, livewells and gear storage.

While Shoalwater brags that their boats can run in as little as half-a-foot of water, their twin-hull designs allow even their smallest of models to take a stroll into offshore waters. The sheer stability lets these boats run safely in choppy waters. The larger the model and the more power tacked on, the deeper the water these cats can safely travel.

Elegant Fishing Boat

The Right Boat For The Right Fish

For most, fishing is a leisurely activity that you do with your kids, some buddies or in solitary. For others, it’s a lifestyle, a way of life or a full-time job.

Quality Catamaran Construction

Shoalwater’s current lineup includes 4 catamaran models, ranging from 19 feet to their most popular model, the 23-foot Cat. All their models feature a center console with tunnel hulls. The tunnel hull design makes for a great skinny-water fishing machine that can run through rough waters and remain stable.

Shoalwater 19 Cat On Water
Shoalwater 19 Cat On Water
Shoalwater 19 Catamaran With Tower
Shoalwater 19 Cat Running
Shoalwater 19 Cat On WaterShoalwater 19 Catamaran With TowerShoalwater 19 Cat Running
19 Cat

The lightest and skinniest of Shoalwater catamarans is the 19 Cat. At 19 feet 4 inches in total length, 7 feet 10 inches in width, with a 6-inch draft, this is the ultimate shallow water machine. Without a motor, this model only weighs an estimated 1100 lbs, making it easy to trailer and launch in even the shallowest of entries.

This model can fit up to 5 people comfortably if you wish to bring the family or a couple of fishing buddies along. The large bow and stern casting decks provide plenty of space for multiple anglers to drop a line at once.

Shoalwater 20 Cat Center Console
Shoalwater 20 Cat Center Console
Shoalwater 20 Cat Front View
Shoalwater 20 Foot Catamaran
Shoalwater 20 Cat Center ConsoleShoalwater 20 Cat Front ViewShoalwater 20 Foot Catamaran
20 Cat

Like its older brothers, the 21 and 23 Cat, the 20 Cat features an 8-foot 8-inch beam giving almost an extra foot of width and comfortability than the 19 Cat. The center console design makes for easy walkaround paths when reeling in a big catch.

This 20-foot model allows approximately 6 anglers or passengers on board at a time. The extra foot in length and additional power allows for moderate offshore fishing. With the amazing fuel efficiency of a catamaran, the 40-gallon tank lasts almost as long as a deep-v model’s enlarged fuel capacity, promising many hours of fun.

Shoalwater 21 Catamaran Running
Shoalwater 21 Catamaran Running
Shoalwater 21 Cat Shallow Draft
Shoalwater 21 Catamaran Center Console
Shoalwater 21 Catamaran
Shoalwater 21 Catamaran RunningShoalwater 21 Cat Shallow DraftShoalwater 21 Catamaran Center ConsoleShoalwater 21 Catamaran
21 Cat

The 8-inch draft of this 21-foot tunnel hull catamaran allows this boat to get in shallower water than any 21-foot bay boat could offer. Depending on the power you wish to have, you can max out this model with a 250 HP outboard motor!

The 8 foot+ beam offers the capacity to carry up to 8 passengers. Large casting decks let 4-6 anglers to cast their baits at the same time.

Shoalwater 23 Cat Running
Shoalwater 23 Cat Running
Shoalwater 23 Cat Raised Console Tower
Shoalwater 23 Catamaran Running
Shoalwater 23 Cat Shallow Draft
Shoalwater 23 Cat With Second Station
Shoalwater 23 Cat With Elevated Station
Shoalwater 23 Cat With Raised Console
Shoalwater 23 Cat Center Console
Shoalwater 23 Catamaran T-Top
Shoalwater 23 Cat RunningShoalwater 23 Cat Raised Console TowerShoalwater 23 Catamaran RunningShoalwater 23 Cat Shallow DraftShoalwater 23 Cat With Second StationShoalwater 23 Cat With Elevated StationShoalwater 23 Cat With Raised ConsoleShoalwater 23 Cat Center ConsoleShoalwater 23 Catamaran T-Top
23 Cat

Being the largest catamaran in the Shoalwater lineup, this model still only has an 8-inch draft, keeping up with its little 20-foot brothers’ ability to stay in shallow inshore waters. The 23 Cat can carry up to 9 people; with its additional deck space, this model allows for 4-6 anglers at a time.

The increased size, 200 HP motor and mph run speed allows for deeper offshore water adventures; that is, if you can pull yourself away from the teeming skinny waters of Florida’s many bays, lakes, rivers and intercoastal water ways.

The Benefits of the Catamaran

Power catamarans are also referred to as Multi-Hull Power Boats. Depending on the size, these dual hulled models can offer more deck and storage space than their deep-v brothers. If the catamaran is a larger model, built to cross oceans, they tend to boast more cabin space due to the multi-hull design.

For those looking to fish or boat on a budget, smaller catamarans are a bit easier on your wallet. They are generally more fuel efficient than most other deep-water boat models, due to their low draft and the fact they do not drag hefty ballasts through the water. Do not worry though, these fuel efficiencies do not affect their ability to speed to the fishing grounds all while still featuring a famously smooth ride.

Boaters, fisherman and passengers of all experience levels are said to be less likely to get sick on a catamaran. This is due to their dual-hull design that affords stability in shallow and unstable waters. Catamarans that feature berth cabins have been regarded as some of the best models to sleep in overnight, especially during rough seas. With the multi-hull design, these models are less likely to-roll, adding an additional feeling of security for any passenger.

The stability of the power cats present fisherman with large stable platforms to cast from for hours! A catamarans superior stability allows for multiple fishermen to fish from one side of the boat, even when reeling in large smokers. The extra storage space begs for more stowed away fishing gear, snacks, and ice-cold drinks. Additionally, Shoalwater offers optional packages that feature large aft bait wells.

Their shallow drafts and their unparalleled stability provide a great base for all kinds of fishing and boating. While most will keep the smaller power cats in skinny water and inshore, it is not to say that no matter how big or small the model, these twin-hulled deck boats cannot be taken out offshore. However, the larger the model and the more power, the deeper offshore these boats can safely go.

The History of Shoalwater

Shoalwater has been building their brand for 38 years! Through hard work, attention to detail and quality control they have earned a solid reputation in the manufacturing of shallow-water power cats.

Their models are built with fishing in mind. They feature large casting decks and open/elevated center console designs, providing plenty of room for multiple anglers to fish at once. Their dual shaped bow was crafted for navigating through rough seas while keeping its balance and an almost flat stern in the roughest of seas.

Shoalwater boasts that they make models for every type of boater: the serious fisherman, the weekend warriors, the cruisers, and the family boaters. Their models provide amenity options for all who enjoy the water as much as they do!

Welcome Shoalwater!

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