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Creamy & Tangy Mustard Sauce

Creamy & Tangy Mustard Sauce


2 cups of Mayo
1/2 cup of Heavy Cream
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons of Steak Sauce
2 tablespoons of Dry Mustard
Sea Salt


Prep: 5 min
Cook: 10 min
6-8 Servings
Start by combining the mayo, steak sauce, worcestershire sauce, and dry mustard in a bowl.
Begin whisking together until the dry mustard is fully incorporated.
Now that the mustard is fully mixed in, slowly begin whisking in the heavy cream until smooth.
With the heavy cream in and the mixture smooth, season the sauce with a little salt and mix together. Keep adjusting until the taste is just right for you.
For best results we recommend you chill it in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes prior to serving. If you are not serving the sauce immediately it will last in the fridge, covered for about 1-2 days
Creamy & Tangy Mustard Sauce


Did you know, this mustard sauce was made famous in South Florida? It is best paired with fresh cooked¬†Florida Stone Crab Claws. However, we do not like to limit such a delicious sauce to just one dish. This creamy and tangy mustard sauce will pair nicely with other seafood, steak or chicken dishes. We highly recommend that you play around with it. It’s simple to make and you can make as much or as little as you would like. Try using it as a marinade, a topper, or keep it simply as a dipping sauce.

If you love this sauce with your snow crab or other seafood dishes, try this other simple melted clarified butter sauce, it goes perfect with crab legs, claws and fresh lobster tails.

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