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Fiberglass Repair

Ingman Marine’s Solution for Your Repair Needs

We Use Only the Best Materials

Any fiberglass damages mentioned from an insurance claim or qualified manufacturer warranty can be repaired at any one of our locations that offer fiberglass repairs. Fiberglass boats require a special touch and luckily, Ingman crews are equipped with the knowledge needed to get the job done right.

Insurance Claims

Any fiberglass damages mentioned from an insurance claim covered by your Marker 5 insurance package can be repaired at any Ingman location that offers fiberglass repairs.

Boat Repairs

Fiberglass boats require a special touch. Contact Ingman Marine today if your boat needs fiberglass repair!

Warranty Repairs

Ingman Marine accepts warranty approved repairs from various boat manufacturers, including Cobia, Grady-White, Hewes, Maverick, Pathfinder and Skeeter.

Does Your Boat Need a Facelift or Just Some TLC?

Ingman Marine’s fiberglass crew is capable of repairing most structural damage, as well as sanding down and re-glassing any eye sores.

Stringer supports are the backbone of a fiberglass boat; unfortunately they can be damaged. Whether from impact damage, core material disintegration or normal wear and tear, it is almost certain that they will need to be repaired at some point. Why not allow an Ingman Marine professional to take the hassle off of your hands?

If your beautiful Gelcoat has recently received a blemish, Ingman Marine can fix it. A simple chip fix takes no time at all! The crew can have you back out on the open seas in no time.

While fixing your boat’s Gelcoat, Ingman has the means to expertly color match. You won’t even be able to tell where the fix begins and the outer layer ends.

Not only does Ingman fix the cosmetic aspect of your fiberglass Gelcoat, the crews can also help with repairs to your nonskid Gelcoat. It’s important to make sure your nonskid paths don’t deteriorate to the point at which it can cause a slipping hazard. Better safe than sorry!

Does Your Aft Need a Little Extra Attention?

Has the back of your boat seen better days? Has it been damaged in some way? Well don’t fear, Ingman can help with that repair! Call today for a quote!

Does your boat have any visible mount holes above or below the water line? Ingman has dedicated fiberglass specialists that can patch those holes right up for you.

Ingman only sells Yamaha outboards, but if you have a competing outboard, our team won’t judge. Ingman professionals fix all kinds of outboard cowling cracks, tears, or punctures. They also color match to be sure the repair goes unnoticed to your vessel’s visitors.

Has your gas tank been punctured or irreparably damaged? Call or come in today for a fiberglass repair or full replacement quote.

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