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Smoked Cobia Fish Dip

Smoked Cobia Fish Dip

Smoking fish is a common cooking form, especially when making fish dip/ spreads. For this recipe we are using smoked Cobia, but if you dont have any on hand, you can simply substitute for any other smoked fish you would like.

We will be kicking up the flavor in this dish. This dip will be sure to wake your taste buds up, with a punch of spice. Try this recipe put if you love fish dip as much as we do!


1 lb Smoked Cobia Fillets
1 Block of Cream Cheese
1/2 Cup of Mayo
4 Jalapenos
The Juice of 2 Limes
2 TBSP Old Bay Seasoning
Salt and Pepper


Prep: 10 min.
Cook: 10-15 min.
Yields: 6 – 8 Servings
Remove the Skin from the fillets, if it hasn’t been already. Then chop the fish into large chunks.
Remove the tops and seeds and then cut the jalapenos into large chunks.
Place all of the ingredients but the mayo into a food processor or blender. (Food processor is recommended)
Blend until you have your desired texture.
Now with the food processor on low, slowly start adding in your mayo through the hole in the lid.
Once you have added enough mayo and made it to your desired dip consistency, you may remove it from the processor or blender and serve with your favorite sauce, crackers or bread.
Smoked Fish Dip on Bread


If you like fish spreads more than fish dip, you can add less of the mayo to the blender. Less mayo will keep the dish more thick so it is spreadable on a piece of toast or cracker. If you want your guests to be able to simply dip a cracker into a bowl, add the fu8ll amount of mayo to make the dip thin enough to scoop with a sturdy cracker or tortilla chip.

Are you a build cook? Try smoking your own fish. Fresh smoked fish will give this dish a leg up. We urge you tro try it. All you need is a grill that has a tight sealed cover to keep the smoke in. If you are lucky enough to have a true smoker, then you will already know what to do!

Is it too spicy? you can try to use a milder pepper like a poblano or a red chili pepper. If you want the pepper flavor, without the heat, try using a nice yellow or orange bell pepper. It will still give that pepper flavor but add a bit of sweetness as well.

If you want to make this dish with fresh Cobia, but haven’t had the chance to learn their patterns or habits read our Cobia: Year-Round Fishing Tips article.

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