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Tyler Crane’s “Veteran Excursions To Sea”

Tyler Crane’s “Veteran Excursions To Sea”

Ingman Marine proudly supports our troops and veterans.

“Healing Through Reeling”

Veteran Excursions To Sea (V.E.T.S.) is a support program directed towards helping our U.S. veterans. Their motto is “Healing Through Reeling” and that’s exactly what they do. Tyler Crane is a combat vet that takes veterans and their families fishing on the Gulf of Mexico 100% free of charge.

It is said that many veterans that make their way home don’t always completely make it home. Even if it’s just for a few hours, fishing/boating can assist in taking the focus away from harder times. VETS helps teach combat veterans a fun and enjoyable hobby to ease their way back into civilian life.

Ingman Marine Helps Sponsor VETS (You Could Too)

capt tyler crane: veteran excursions

We’d first heard about VETS and their dream when Tyler’s boat broke down. He’d come to an Ingman Marine boat dealership for an upgrade. After helping set Tyler up with a new boat, Gary Ingman decided that he would become a donor. He wanted to help fund VETS so that Tyler Crane (Founder), Max Mefford (VP) and Amanda Crane (Treasurer) could keep providing this great service to our U.S. veterans.

With sponsors and donations, VETS is able to keep the mission alive. If you are also interested in helping as well, Veterans Excursions is always accepting sponsors and donations. They have various sponsorship plans that range from $100 a month to $1000 a month. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you can’t afford to commit with a larger monthly payment, you can always offer a personal donation. Visit their website to learn more.

Calling All Veterans

If you are a combat veteran (or an honorably discharged veteran), please take this opportunity to go fishing! Sergeant First Class Crane is making it his duty to uplift the spirit of our heroes who have returned home to us.

You can schedule your free day out on the water at their website Veteran Excursions To Sea.

(850) 428-0699
320 Kensington St.
Port Charlotte, FL 33954

Take a break from the mainland and enjoy a boat ride on our beautiful coastal waters!


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