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Hot Summer Gulf Fishing Tips For 2018

Hot Summer Gulf Fishing Tips for 2018

This summer, you may find yourself wondering which type of fish you’d like to catch or which local spots are active and family friendly. Maybe you’re wondering which lures will be the most effective in these hot summer waters. Whatever your desire, Ingman Marine is here to keep you afloat this summer with some cool tips, tricks and hints!


What are the Top Summer Fishing Spots in Florida


Florida’s ‘Forgotten Coast’ is a stretch of shoreline that starts at Mexico Beach on the Gulf of Mexico and ends at St. Marks on Apalachee Bay, located on the eastern end of the panhandle. The stretch of white-sand beaches is a section of undeveloped and quiet land, hence the name. This is a good place to visit if you would like to fish off shore or visit neighboring barrier islands. Oyster, shrimp and redfish are among the most prevalent species in the area.


While Sanibel Islands’ waters are always teeming with plenty of marine-life (with May and October being the most ideal months), summer is a great time to take a fishing trip to this popular location. Summer opens up peak season for fishing; kids are out of school, boaters are buying new boats, the days last longer and the waters are warmer. The secret is hiring the proper guide that knows Sanibel like the back of their hand. Snook and Sea Trout are on the list of most popular fish in the area, so make sure to let your Captain know you’d like to snag a few.


Whether you would like to fish in-shore, near-shore or go out into the deep blue, New Smyrna has plenty of opportunities for beginning anglers all the way up to the tournament pro’s. The Indian River in-shore waters provide a booming environment for Redfish and Sea Trout. The deep off-shore water is a lovely ecosystem that is home to various game-fish such as tuna, marlin, and sailfish, among others. Only an hour away from Orlando and with all the various activities that take place, New Smyrna Beach is a premier summer destination for any angler.


The Sebastian Inlet is a narrow and shallow inlet, with only about a 15-16-foot bottom. It’s a great place to catch some snook, redfish or goliath grouper. This body of water is not for the faint of heart though. It has a rather rocky bottom with various jetties that the fish love for snacking on other baitfish. If you decide to take this trip, be sure to bring plenty of tackle and some uber sharp hooks to combat the rocky bottom. During the summer, fishing at night is your best bet. During the tide change, the inlet flows in and out, pushing bait with it. The fish eat it up; more times than not, every angler can snag something!


What are the Top Fish to Catch This Summer


If you are looking for fish that are fun to catch and yummy to eat, unfortunately, this is not the fish for you. While they can be a challenging sport fish, they don’t often cook very well; however, if you are up for the challenge, Tarpon are known for their fighting ability on the line. The Florida hot spots for these silver kings are Lee County, Charlotte County, and the Florida Keys.


This fish is considered a rarity here in Florida. It is illegal to sell or buy a Snook. The only legal way to eat it is to go out and catch it yourself. Snook are a fantastic sport fish and they have been known to split more lines than most but are well worth the effort. Popular spots to hook a few are Tampa Bay, 10,000 Islands, Charlotte Harbor and Jupiter Inlet.


Largemouth Bass are primarily saltwater fish, yet some can be found in more brackish bodies of water. Some regard bass as too difficult to cook but if fried up, they can be quite tasty. Known as the king of the lakes and rivers, the Largemouth Bass has created quite the reputation, pulling in fisherman from all over. For fishermen looking to add Largemouth Bass to their caught list, the best Florida lakes to hit this summer would be Lake Tarpon, Lake Toho, Lake Okeechobee and Lake Kissimmee.


Another freshwater fish that is great eating and great fishing is the Catfish. During the summer, they like to search for some relief from the heat, generally by hiding out by large rocks or the roots of the shady trees. The best time to catch a Catfish is early morning (the early bird gets the worm) or late in the evening. Summer hotspots for these fish are St. Johns River and Edward Medard Reservoir.


What are the Top Fishing Lures


The Gold Spoon is ideal for in-shore fishing; however, knowing how to work the line with one strung up is key. Using well maneuvered wrist action will help make the lure eye catching bait for the fish you are trying to snag. Making the spoon flutter, sink, dart and shine will help trick that pesky fish to strike. These lures are known for catching redfish, but in reality will catch just about anything if you use it properly.


The bucktail jig is one of the most versatile lures out there. Used in saltwater, they can be fished off-shore or on-shore, and can catch various fish. The white bucktail can trip your catch, making it think the bait is a live shrimp, squid or other baitfish. Since these lures are used to catch a wide variety of fish, they are optimal for beginning anglers, to get a task of the angler life. Snook, tarpon, redfish and trout are among the top fish to catch in Florida with this jig.


These minnow shaped lures are great to fish in many different environments. They can be fished close to the top, weed-less or add a little waited hook and they can be fished a bit lower. Jerkbait lures are best when fished with light tackle and when using them, remember to fish them slowly. Don’t be quick on the retrieve, let the pause happen, give time for the bait to glide and then hang. Bass are one of the most well known catches that strike frequently on jerkbaits, but that is not limiting. Take the time to learn the proper technique and it’s almost guaranteed that jerkbait will become one of your year-round favorites.


Now get out There and Enjoy the Summer

Ingman Marine wishes you and your family a fantastic summer on the water. Have fun fishing some cool spots, eating some fresh caught fish and using cool lure & tackle tips. Whether you are fishing the coast, the deep blue water or a freshwater lake, there is always some angler action to be had in the sunshine state. Now get out there and enjoy the sand, water and sun!

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