Better Meal Presentation with Stand-Up Jig Heads

Using stand-up jig heads can improve the presentation of the meal to invite a bigger catch.


Tackle Review


Fishing Rods for the Fall

Configuring your rod and reel for fall fishing in Charlotte Harbor, FL.

Keeping Bait Up with Floats

When fishing for Snook, Redfish and Trout try using floats to keep you bait visible.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line can help you get to lower colder water where the fish are while remaining transparent.

When the Fish Aren't the Only Things Biting

Florida fishers frequently get more than just bites on their lines, they also get bitten themselves. Learn how to remedy bug bites and stay on the water longer.

Better Meal Presentation with Stand-Up Jig Heads

Using stand-up jig heads can improve the presentation of the meal to invite a bigger catch.

No Side Salad for the Fish

Fish don't typically like to order a salad with their meal, so learn how to keep your lures weed free.

Using Appetizer Bait - Little Johns

Sometimes the fish have already had a meal and are just looking for a snack.  When full size bait and lures are not doing the trick, try offering a snack by using a Little John.

Fall Fishing - Lures for Warm Days

Even fall days in Florida can be warm. Use suspending lures to get to the cooler water when fishing on warmer days.

Fall Fishing - Preparing Fish Filets

Fall fishing near Port Charlotte, FL produces some of the best filets of the season. Make sure you have the right filet knives.


Tackle Review


January Switch Up - Using Jigs

As winter comes, the bait fish leave the Florida harbors. So, jigs like Lil Johns or other twitch baits, even live or dead shrimp, is the way to go.

Stringing a DOA Paddle Tail

Stinging a rod with a 3 ft leader, 30lb Fluorocarbon and a DOA Paddle Tail with a canoe man loop knot.

Inshore Fishing during Fall

In early fall, the bait get bigger and you want to bump the leader & hook size. You'll want to move inshore as fall comes around. The bigger snook will show up, redfish are great targets, and the tarpon will still be around.

Using Sprites and Reaper Rods when the Redfish School Up

Using a sprite paired with a Reaper Rod to catch Redfish during the summer and fall months on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Lures and Jig Heads for Winter fishing

George explains different types of jig heads and lures to use for winter fishing in Charlotte Harbor, FL.

Pro Fishing Tip - Looking for Signs of Life

Pro fishing tips with Jay Withers (Silver Lining Charters).

Jay explains how looking for signs of life can lead you to your next big catch.

Florida Fishing in September

Charlotte Harbor is full of Snook, Snapper and Juvenile Tarpon in September. It is important to have the right rod and reel to make the big catch.

Summer Fishing in Charlotte Harbor

George Frantz from Southwest Florida Charters talks about what line, hook and bait to use for your end of summer fishing trips in Charlotte Harbor.